Onda Fashion Club

Instilling a sense of adventure into the human heart - one outfit at a time

Our Story

Born in 2021, Onda is a London-based casual clothing brand serving adventure travel enthusiasts, holidaymakers and urban explorers. Meaning "wave" in Portuguese, Onda is all about enjoying life until you reach your destination, and then doing it all again. We want to promote living an adventurous, book-worthy life.

What's your story?

Stepping away from the traditional outerwear attire, our design styles take inspiration from a blend of casual and streetwear to create a fashionable and versatile look that fits everywhere, whilst maintaining the comfort and practicality sought by travel enthusiasts, holidaymakers and urban explorers.

The clothes often lean towards the minimalistic side but sometimes are spiced up with the occasional or subtle print pattern. All of our pieces are designed with true craftsmanship and creative expression in mind.